Next Generation Productivity


More and more data is being gathered daily from instruments, sensors and devices.


How can you turn real time data into real time performance optimization?


Advanced analytics requires expert knowledge of the asset and process behavior.


Is it really necessary to build complex data models for every case?


Process engineers are not data scientists, and vice versa.


Can you empower process and asset experts with analytics to let them help transform your business?


Improving profitability requires acceleration of change.


How can you quickly embed an advanced analytics solutions in your organization and successfully manage the change?

Main Product Features


Search, as easy as using Google for process behavior in the past. Diagnose by instantly finding similar behavior with use of our patent pending pattern recognition technology and find root causes to improve your processes.


Define optimal processes and set fingerprints to monitor production. These can be used to send out automated early warnings to control room staff in case of deviation, or to capture feedback and leverage knowledge across sites.


Why react when you can predict the future instead? Use our soft sensor builder, early warning discovery or a unique  model-free predictive mode to predict quality, maintenance or future evolutions of batch runs and transitions.

Next Generation Self-service Industrial Analytics

Process manufacturing companies are continuously striving to optimize overall equipment effectiveness, performance and profitability, while still complying with new and ongoing regulations. These companies sit on a wealth of data being generated from sensors, instruments and assets, and the amount of data being created is only increasing. Read More….


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